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Saturday, 13 January 2018

How to place a bet and get 50 percent back if lost (cutting one)

Good day friends, today I will like to show you the best betting system for high Stakers,
Without much talk let me quickly go straight to the point
This very strategy seeks to open our eyes on the best way to stake our money and also have a minimum of 
50 percent of your money back if Things goes wrong. (One match cut­)

The system is called comb 3 or (Cutting one).
This is my best betting system as it gives me rest of mind
Am a high staker and after losing my hard earn money I finally figured out how to
Place a bet like am doing a normal business. Now am confidently staking up to 30 to 50k per comb 3 ticket
(Cutting 1)
Now this is how it goes, register a fresh account with BETDEY BETDEY
I chose this bookie
Because their odds are good and payouts are fast. Fund your account with 5k or higher
When you’re done with all that, it’s now time for main business.
Pick your games note you must chose only three matches for this system to work.
Let’s say you picked Basel over 2.5 @ 1.28, Juventus to win @ 1.21 and Arsenal over 1.5 @ 1.34 then click on the drop down menu
And select comb
and divide 5k or any amount you wish to stake by 3,Now dividing 5k by 3 will give us 1666.66 then click next you will
See that the total amount you are about to stake will be 4,999.99 and you potential winning 8,142.3 and your
Minimum winning would be 2,581.32 don’t worry about the minimum winning if you didn’t see it on mobile view.

Now if the whole three selected matches won we will win 8,142.3 and if you lose one match you will get a minimum of 2,581.32 depending on the
The very odd that lost, let me make it simple for you to understand. You will get the said minimum of 2,581.32 if basel @ 1.28 and juventus @ 1.21 won
Now if juventus @ 1,21 and arsenal @ 1.34 won your return would be 2699.99. And if Basel @ 1,28 and arsenal @ 1.34 won your return would be 2866.65.

Basel @ 1.28 won, juventus @ 1.21 won, arsenal @ 1.34 won = 8,142.3

Basel @ 1.28 lose, Juventus @ 1.21 won, Arsenal @ 1.34 won, 1.21x1.34 = 1.62, 1666.66x1.62 = 2,699.99

Basel @ 1.28 won, Juventus @ 1.21 won, Arsenal @ 1.34 lose, 1.28x1.34 = 1.55, 1666.66x1.72 = 2,581.32

Basel @ 1.28 won, Juventus @ 1.21 lose, Arsenal @ 1.34 won, 1.28x1.34 = 1.72, 1.72x1666.66 = 2,866.65.

I hope you understand it now I will be updating you guys with the best three games at least five times a week.
Its high time we started trading and stop betting and losing our hard earn money out of greed.

Click the below link to open fresh account. And start trading asap   BETDEY


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